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Have Better Social Interactions.

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Ruminade on your devices

Why we created this app

It all started when we began our journey of improving our social skills. We came across the concept of "Field Reports" for the first time around 2018 and the more we used it, the more we understood that documenting our social interactions made us better at them.

We tried using mobile and online notes apps but they never felt like they were made for field reports, we thought they lacked some tools that made our logging much more effective.

So this web app is our response to this problem, we are making it and adding features to it because we want it to exist for our own sake and the sake of people like us.

We hope you like it.

Safeguarding Tool

One Place For One Thing

No need to search through your notes between the grocery lists and random numbers you had to memorize because this place is exclusively for your field reports and is accessible from anywhere.

Improvement Tool

Evaluate your progress as you go

Grade each field report with the 5-star rating tool to be able to generally tell the good from the bad without needing to go through each one individually

Flexible Editor

Tools to tell your story right

Write expressively, use different text styling and headers to structure your field reports and highlight what is most important for you to remember and learn.